Sunday, November 20, 2011

NaBloPoMo 11: Favorite Place

Prompt: Describe a favorite place.

I could use this post to talk more about Korea, but I won't.

Maybe it's the late hour, but I'm having trouble describe my favorite place. Ah. Got it. I'll try a snippet of narrative:

I wake up early. Too early. It's cold, but part of my brain refuses to believe it, since it's impossible. The sky outside is dark, and for just a few minutes, there is silence. Then I start to hear birds chirp as the coquis fall asleep for the day, and my roommate begins to toss and turn in her bed. Once I'm ready, I go downstairs where there is anything but silence. People laugh and joke as the old caretaker walks in and out with more papaya, pineapple, and eggs. An old, off-white cat hobbles in, and I can tell she's seen better days. Still, her bright blue eyes are wary as she waits patiently for a scrap of food to fall to the floor. The scent of coffee and baking pastries permeates the air, and even though I'm nocturnal, for once I am in love with the morning.

Alright, I've written better, but for some reason, Hawaii is just the best. I realize that it's a complete tourist trap, but I probably had the most fun on that trip. We hiked three miles to a green sand beach, walked through botanical gardens, and ate the best breakfasts I've had in my life. I loved most everything about Hawaii, and I hope to go back there someday.

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