Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And Tarleton Drops the Ball

The background information you need to know:

Tarleton is the college my dad teaches at, located in Stephenville, Texas. A guesstimation shows that 85% of the faculty are fairly liberal, while only 15% of students would fall under "liberal." It is safe to say, considering the bible belt location and a church almost LITERALLY on every corner, the town itself is quite conservative.

The Story as far as I know it:

For a project, a group of students were assigned to perform a play of "questionable moral standing," in which Jesus Christ and the apostles are portrayed as homosexual. This was NOT a public production. It was an assignment to be performed, viewed by invitation only (i.e. family members and close friends). Let me repeat, it was not open to the public.

The Complication:

Someone got wind of this, and the media promptly went berserk. Fanatical people (the crazy religious ones that may or may not burn crosses on people's lawns) began death threats, bomb threats, etc. The professor did not bend. Townspeople debated, the subject dominated headlines, and I was excited to see the campus flash its liberal side (which every university should do at least once in a blue moon).

The Immense Failure:

The night before the plays were set to be performed, officials notified everyone that they had been cancelled. Cancelled?!?!?


In my opinion, this is a huge disappointment. Really? Really? The worst thing to do is give in to threats from the crazy people. Now, instead of being known for pushing the bar, Tarleton is the weak conservative university that lets the town tell it what to do. I feel like this was Tarleton's chance, and the ball was dropped faster than a hot potato.

Maybe next time, Tarleton.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still in Texas, don't want to leave

I think spring break should be a few months longer. It's ridiculous (Or as my dad has been saying, riDONKulous) how quickly the time passed, and now I'm scurrying to pack my things as the clock brings me closer and closer to spring quarter.

I do miss Chicago, a little bit. Maybe I need some MORE absence to make the heart grow fonder, but I don't have that right now. Right now, all I have is an hour to shower, finish laundry, pack, and post this to my blog. Then it's high flying to the windy city, and a whole lot of work. Damn.

Yesterday, the pops and I went to a huge get together down in the real country of Texas, hosted by the guy who basically helped me get into NU. There was BBQ, corn, brownies, beer, wine, mashed potatoes, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, and this really amazing yummy pie called "buttermilk pie." I'd never heard of it before last night, but it's amazing! It's like pecan pie, but on crack. Good, tasty crack.

The host's daughter is my new favorite ten year old. The adults were cool and all, but she was freaking awesome. Once we found out that we were fans of Harry Potter, we gabbed about how disappointing the movies were, how awesome the books were, and then promptly exchanged "must read" lists. I told her about Neil Gaiman, and she told me about a series involving "Septimus." I still need to figure out the specifics of that. We also both LOVE the Percy Jackson series, which you should read if you have not done so already.

But it really made me smile to know that she was taking initiative, writing stories, reading anything she could get her hands on, and learning bits of Greek (How cool is that?!?!?!?). I want to be besties with her, or at least guide her towards a writing career as she grows up. I know, she'll be whatever she wants to be, but she'd make an awesome writer.

Anyways, it was really fun, and she was very cool. Wish I met more kids like that. Wish I met more adults like that.

In other news, there was supposed to be a student play performed on the Tarleton campus. Usually, I wouldn't care, but because of the circumstances (portraying Jesus and the apostles as gay, and the play being cancelled) I took interest. My next blog, which may or may not be today, will focus on this craziness.

Until then,

Friday, March 26, 2010


It's strange how sweet a place is once you've been absent for a long time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that.

I'm in Texas right now, enjoying (slightly) warmer weather than Chicago, and even though I'm up painfully early, life is good. I've been eating good Mexican food, God-honest BBQ, and WAY too much Starbucks. Such is life with my dad. He's a caffeine addict, to the extreme.

I spent a little time up in Denton with my friend Laura (who just happens to be getting married soon, WAZA!), and I had a blast being girly. It's something I haven't done in a while, and it was just what the doctor prescribed. A day at the spa (don't over-fantasize it, because it was definitely a nail salon), a nice Italian restaurant, shopping at an outdoor mall, and getting a home-cooked meal. Basically amazing.

Did I mention the anime? It's a series I'm now obsessed with, called "Devil May Cry." It's about a half demon who slices bad demons in half with his SIX FOOT LONG SWORD. He's a badass.

Did I mention the puppy? A four year old pug, Paco won my heart (even though I'd met him before). He is not a badass though, haha.

Alright, since I posted on my dilemma about summer plans, I wanted to give you all a quick update: California hiking and Delaware sailing are out. Puerto Rico wedding and Florida Keys wedding are IN.

Yes, you heard it first here, my dad is getting married. It feels weird and awkward, but his fiance seems nice enough and if he's happy, I'm happy. As long as she doesn't turn out similarly to Snow White's step mom, if you know what I mean.

So I'll be spending a month (I'm thinking optimistically, here) in Puerto Rico, then run back to Texas for a week or so. Then it's off to Florida for the weekend (Maybe longer? I have to check with people)! Palm trees, my 21st birthday, and walking down the aisle (not MY aisle, per say. Just AN aisle). Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me.

My only problem? I'm afraid my attention hog tendencies will kick in, and the bride should not have to deal with a Leo on her wedding day. I'll try to keep it down, though.

New post coming soon, probably to rant about spring classes (in either a good or bad light... we'll see).