Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Announcement of Sorts

It’s official. After at least seven months of daydreaming, five months of paperwork, four months of (sort of) studying Korean, and three months working in fast food to save up a bit of dough, I’m going to Korea. I have a little over a month left, but no more time to deliberate. If there ever was an option to back out, that option has left the building.

Which is not to say that I want to back out. I don’t. But to say that all I feel is elation and excitement would be a complete and utter lie.

I can’t honestly tell you how I feel about it, mostly because I don’t know. It’s hard to pin down the exact emotions running through me. Some days I’m terrified. My skin crawls at the degree of unfamiliarity and the plethora of awkward moments that surely await me. Traveling fourteen hours away to a country whose language I am not that familiar with is going to be difficult. Add on the fact that I’ll be completely alone, and yes, I may be quivering in my boots.


The idea of going somewhere new, meeting new people, teaching English and trying new things is absolutely intoxicating. As many risks as I’m taking, they’re nothing compared to everything good that can happen. I’m beyond excited about this. And I can’t believe I was lucky enough to stumble into this career.

The Details: I’ll be teaching English as a foreign language in Cheonan, South Korea from around the 15 of October, 2011 to the 14 of October, 2012. So I’ll get home a few months before the world is due to end, I guess. I’ll be one of two foreign teachers at the school. My students’ ages range from 7-15, though I’ll only have one class of high school kids. I will teach five classes a day, starting at 4pm.

Yes, I’ll be able to stay on my creepy nocturnal schedule (win).

The Plan: I’m leaving for Texas on the 19 of September for two weeks. Then I’ll be back in Milwaukee for a few days. After that, I’ll be in Chicago on my friend’s couch until I leave from O’Hare. Then the work starts. Don't worry. I'm ready. I bought enough motivational stickers for the next decade of teachers.

I will be blogging regularly, though the posts no doubt will focus more on my crazy new life than writing. I will still write. Of course.

If you want to keep in touch, make sure and get a Skype account, since it’s free and convenient and such. My Skype ID is: kirabell1989, in case you’re wondering.

And now, music! I got to see these guys live at summerfest, and they were absolutely amazing.