Monday, November 2, 2009


Because it's been a month of me not posting.

Seriously, I apologize, though in my defense, I've almost moved entirely to this blog, which is less personal and more writing-centric.

I also don't make up as many words.

So, since this blog is personal, I guess I'll get you all up to speed on my life:

1) Classes are going well. I love them all. Even the environmental one, because it makes me laugh often, and I'm randomly doing well in it. Surprised? So am I.

2) Friends. I'm learning a lot more about people lately, and this quarter seems to keep illuminating things I don't know about the world. Not that I don't usually figure out that I'm generally clueless, but extra that this quarter.

3) That point leads me to this one: I'm learning what I need to improve in myself. My writing, my singing, my people skillz, myself in general... It's been tough seeing certain bad properties push themselves to the surface. I just kind of want to rock it. But I have to put in a lot more work before that happens...

(I realize some of this will only make sense to me. Sorry.)

4) I love French music. Today I've been absolutely obsessed with the Amelie Soundtrack.

5) I played WoW for a month. If you don't know what that is, please don't ask. If you do, you probably play it too. Don't hate.

6) I'm not doing national novel writing month. I'm a college student. Let's get real here. Maybe once I graduate. Maybe.

7) Halloween was craaaazy. Not sure how I feel about that yet. Mmk.

8) But french music! Seriously! Check it out!!!

9) I finished Dan Brown's most recent novel, The lost Symbol. I was not impressed, Dan. Not one bit.

10) I need to do laundry. Not that important in the way of life, but I really loathe that particular chore. For serious.

11) Still editing the first book, about to embark on the second. See more on that subject here.

12) Life is good, basically.

That's all I've got. Really. No emo bantering, no religious quandaries, no writing updates.

Just subscribe to my other blog. I write there more often.

I promise!