Saturday, February 6, 2010

Walking the fine line

I'm not sure whether I should be tackling the second book right now. See, my stories always start as a crazy mixture of things I've seen and people I've met, with complete absurdity thrown in. They move around until I think I have a story.

But it's not a story yet.

Not even close.

Not the right story at least.

The story changes umpteen billion times until finally, I write it down.

But the problem I'm having now is that I don't know whether I should be writing it down when it changes so frequently. Am I not ready, or am I procrastinating the inevitable?

And would the story have changed much more had I not written it down in the first place? No, not much at least. I think to a degree I hit a point where I just need to get it out, where I need words to solidify the chaos in my mind, because without them I would only have the most emotional scenes worked out. Even then, it varies.

I can't afford to be this erratic if I want to be a professional writer. I just can't.

So what's the answer to my dilemma? I suppose I sort of half-know the answer already.

Suck it up and write.

Nut up or shut up.

Alright, explicit pep talk-esque sayings aside, I've already begun to write. If the story changes, I can always take the scenes and switch them a bit. It's not like I didn't do that with the first book at all. Some of my ideas change, some die, and some spring up from nowhere in the middle of a random conversation. I love those random ideas. They're usually the winners.

Sigh. Ok. Work now.

Note: I don't expect this blog to make sense to anyone other than myself and maybe three other people. Unless you're a writer, or clinically insane.

mmkay bye now!