Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You know what's funny?

So I lied to Miles when I said I'd have this chapter done by the weekend. It's Tuesday, and clearly not finished (though, as before, very close to it). 

I noticed something though. 

I wrote a lot of random scenes before I even started writing the book, before it was a fully formed project I needed to get it all out. When I began it as an actual project, I wrote a lot more scenes out of order, randomly, that stuck in my mind as vividly as a good scene in a movie. 

Reading them now, I'm glad I wrote them, but I have to edit so much of them. Obviously the plot has changed since I began, but it's more than that. I take my characters and their problems A LOT more seriously since I know what's happened before these scenes. The stakes are raised, and my main character has become much more mature since I first thought of her and her blonde escapades. 

I read a section just now and I was like "whoa, Rach, curb the sarcasm." I guess another thing is that teenage sarcasm gets real old after a certain number of pages, and if I can't put up with it, the person who can't bite back any sarcasm in a conversation, there's no way my characters would, especially in the tense situations I often put them through. 

Blah. Just wanted to say that. Sorry about the inundation of posts lately...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Updates Updates (Because sometimes, characters don't make it when we want them to)

I finished it. I finished the books of the series (there are apparently supposed to be six, but only three are published... guess how many I read?) and it was... awesome. I have two things to say in this post and I'll try really really hard to not overdue it... I foresee immediate failure. 

Before that though, I have to introduce the book series that I have oh so recently fallen for (if only because two of you may actually want to pick it up. You know who you are.). Alright, so it's by Richelle Mead, an author of four series (this is her first bestselling one). I've heard of the series before, but I'd never been able to pick up the first book. The first one is Vampire Acadamy, the second is Frostbite, and the third is Shadow Kiss. The cover of the book made me frown almost as much as the titles, but an author rarely has first say in covers, and as someone racking her brains for a title (s), I can understand a less than stellar one. 

Anyways, the book is told in first person past tense, through the eyes of one Rose Hathaway, 17-year old half vampire. What I liked was the invention of a world within ours (which so many vampire novels are good at) that functions the same, but differently. Rose is what they call a Dhampir, half vampire. Dhampirs protect the Morai (or full vampires) from various threats, almost like bodyguards. The various threats usually end up being Strogoi, evil vampires that have betrayed their race and their humanity (it's a lot more complicated than that, so just read the book if you're curious). Rose was in training though, at one of many vampire academies throughout the world (this one in Montana), to become a fully fledged guardian. But Rose and her best friend Lissa have run away to escape a threat that even their teachers can't comprehend, because Lissa isn't like other Morai...

Ok, that was my best summary of the first book without giving you the entirety of the back cover. Short story: it's good. Like, really good. I love Rose's smart-ass mouth (sorta like my heroine, but more abrasive, if possible) and the nice contrast between her and Lissa. The school actually sounds plausible, the characters are diverse and funny, and did I mention the love interest? 

I love her love interest. He's awesome, dark (byronic hero for all you English buffs out there), smart, strong, brave, and smoldering hot (we get to see him with hie shirt off... or... you know, like imagine him, because of the words... and... you get the picture), let alone how much he helps out Rose. 

Now, just in case some of you plan on reading this book, don't read the next paragraph. Skip it, because there WILL be spoilers. If you don't intend to read Vampire Academy (and sequels), read on freely. 

On to the actual first point of this post, I hate when people get killed off. I hate it that after I put in so much emotional investment and love into them, they suddenly get taken away and killed (or in Dimitri's case, after all the drama between him and Rose gets sorted out, finally, FINALLY they admit that they have to love each other, he gets turned into an evil Strogoi monster against his will and she ends up having to kill him!). I hate it, but I think it makes a book better, too. While it pangs my heart to read of my favorite sexy man's death (or a kickass heroine that falls in a fight), it makes me realize how invested in a figment of someone's imagination I am. 

Ok, that came out wrong. 

It just impresses me when people care so much about something not real. Case in point: Albus Dumbledore. I was depressed for two weeks after his death in the sixth book. And I'm not the only one who cried during the seventh book. And a book should emulate reality to a degree, and in reality, the good guys don't always hook up and have a bunch of kids while all the bad guys die. Sometimes, the bad guys win. Sometimes the good guy's (or girl's) lover falls to the whims of fate (or fire, or depression, or the creepy homicidal neighbor next door) and the book ends on a heart wrenching, unbearable note. 

But that's what makes it great. I'm not entirely sure why yet, but it's reassuring almost, to know that even in fiction where fairytale endings are possible, there is disappointment. Still, I don't know why. Any thoughts? Or do you all completely disagree with me?

Second point of unnecessarily long blog post:

Ok, you know when I mentioned the whole snooty English thing? I'm talking about the stigma of carrying a book like Vampire Academy around say, Northwestern campus, as opposed to brandishing Shakespeare and professing undying love to characters like Mr. Darcy. Don't get me wrong, Shakespeare molded history and Mr. Darcy should get his dues, but I've seen what some of the students at NU are like when faced with books like Twilight and Vampire Academy. It's like how a music major would treat, Justin Timberlake to the opera Madame Butterfly. 

Basically it's bullshit. 

I knew someone in the past who wrote music. They looked down on my musical tastes, saying that a lot of bands today are simple. Likewise, my dad once had a long discussion with me about how easy it was to write rock and pop music versus classical or jazz music. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and respect the complexities that those genres embrace, but in my mind, it doesn't make them superior in any way. It makes them... different. 

On the first day of my second writing class, I overheard a conversation. Two guys were discussing another class of theirs. For an icebreaker, a girl in their class had said her favorite book was Twilight. 

The guy snickered. "I'll never take her book taste into consideration." 
Unable to keep quiet, I butt in. "You can't judge her just because she likes Twilight," I said in what I hoped was a friendly tone. 
"Uh, yeah I can."

Sigh. Again I must say, bullshit. People like what they like, and the elite can be jerks about it, but that doesn't stop anyone from reading it or listening to it. And I don't think they can be seen negatively for it. 

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can't lie, I got absolutely nothing done yesterday!

It was worth it though, because two of my best friends came up from Chicago to visit. We didn't do anything in the category of terribly interesting, but we watched a pilot episode of one of my favorite series, my mom cooked us a great dinner, and I introduced them to good ol' Wisconsin custard. (Note: If you haven't tried it, it's a million times better than ice cream. Go get some. Now!) 

But no worries, because the day before that (gonna be honest, don't remember which day of the week that was) I got a WHOLE LOT done. How much, you ask? Did you finish chapter ten, you ask? 

A damn lot, and no. 

I've been working more and more on chapter eleven, which to me is really exciting and hard at the same time (you'll know once you've read it), and I couldn't bring myself to look at chapter ten again, partially because it was a trifle boring to write it. Stuff happens, but the stuff that happens makes me angry and nervous so I don't really want to put my whole heart into it. As most of you know, there's a lot that should technically make one angry and nervous, but this chapter is... well, different. 

It worries me, because one, each chapter has its own feel to me, almost like a separate story altogether, and I don't yet know how they work as one cohesive concept. Two, I'd always made up in the back of my mind that I would separate the chapters more once I finished the book... Just because as a reader, I HATE long chapters with a vengeance because it's hard for me to stop in the middle of things. But now it's getting more and more difficult to imagine this as more than a fifteen chapter (possibly less) monstrosity.

On a cooler note (for me, not you) I am on a reading high. Which is why I've gotten absolutely NO writing done today (I'll get to it eventually). I'm reading a vampire series (surprise surprise) that's actually good (surprise surprise). In high school I vowed (expected) that I would never be able to bring myself to leave the young adult section of books, and though that's true, I've lately been reading "deeper, more mature" novels, like CS Lewis' Till We Have Faces. But my heart has apparently remained (rather obstinately, I might add) in the YA section. Apparently even the snooty English classes I've been taking can't rip the YA out of me. It kind of rocks. This summer will probably be filled with YA novels that I tear through in a matter of hours (I'm predicting I'll be finishing the three book vampire series in two days), and I can honestly say I'm excited about that. 

Now if only I could get a job to support my renewed addiction... 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 a.m. and you wouldn't believe the amount of sunrises I've seen this summer

The thing is, I meant to go to bed sooner. After getting up to go to lunch with a good old friend, I went to go see Transformers 2 with some other friends, got back around ten, worked on the book till around 1am. 

I consider that a pretty good day. My sleep schedule is finally working out, and I guess I sort of decided to shrug off last week as my zombie week. Yeah. Because Yesterday was amazing. It was exactly what I want this entire summer to be; an engaging balance of productivity, fun, and friends. Love it. 

Then freaking appliances had to ruin it! I've been awake all night. I turned off my computer and lay down in bed by 2:30 a.m. deciding to call it a night so I could hang out with my friend today. Now it's almost six and the tiny things that make up white noise have made tonight a living hell. I dunno what to do. Sadness. 

Ok, so secretly this blog post really isn't about writing. It's me complaining. 

So since I've vented properly, let's get back to the writing, shall we?

I am THIS CLOSE to finishing chapter ten. Just an argument away, almost. And I could have been closer, but I decided to close that file for a little bit and look at what I had for chapter 11. Depressingly little. So I wrote about four to five pages of 11 so that once I'm done with 10 I won't be starting off with a blank page and some poor writing from a year ago that my great aunt mildred could have written (oh dear, I'm kidding. I don't have a great aunt Mildred. But wouldn't it be cool if I did?). So I consider that a triumph. WOOT!

Also, I decided that until I FINISH the manuscript completely (counting prologue and epilogue), I'm not querying any more agents. Seeing the words "partially completed" sounds like a turn off even to me, the amateur writer in college. And I don't want to waste any agent or publisher's time, just to get in the game early. But I'm not gonna lie... it's tempting. 

I was looking up writers' conventions the other day, and some of them have lists of credible agents and publishers that will be there. Took down some names, did some research, resisted the urge to email some of the agents. I did, however, make a list. So I know, at least roughly who I'm sending those wondrously frustrating query letters to. 

Whoa. I'm hungry. Peace OUTTTTTT. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Monster (AKA Chapter 10)

I finished editing chapter nine based on the notes of a friend (hard to do with the randomness of it, but I guess finals week took priority, haha) and sent it off to another friend, whose notes will hopefully be more legible (NOTE: despite my anal retentiveness based off of the your/you're mistake, I don't know the difference between whose and who's). 

Once I was done with that, it was almost like a springboard effect had happened, and I jumped into Chapter ten full speed ahead. I was pretty excited, until I'd been at it for almost the whole day and I realized how little I'd done to it. The chapter went from 9 pages to 13 very quickly, but it still feels empty, full of gaping holes, and I really, really don't know what to do about it. 

Remember the conversations I abhor so much? That's what's missing. Two to three intense confrontations may blow it up to 20+ pages. Over 23 and I might go crazy. UGH. It's making Chapter 8 look like a docile baby (ch 8 is the one I wrote, rewrote, and expanded by about ten pages), and that was enough stress in and of itself. 

Maybe I'm blowing this all out of proportion, but really, how the hell am I supposed to know what centuries-old vampires say when they're pissed off? 

I guess I'll just make it up and hope it sounds convincing (pinnacle of writing career right there).

Today was an intense writing day, though. Put chapter nine in the binder, and have officially run out of those little plastic paper holder alternatives to three hole punching each and every sheet of paper... yeah. Those things. I took out my "Advice on Novel Writing" article (AKA writing BIBLE) and plan on rereading it for the first time in a year. That should be exciting and time consuming. (NOTE: The Binder is a huge huge white binder where I store all of my stuff (fresh drafts, old drafts, notes, plans, articles, pictures) in a semi-organized fashion.) 

The thing is that even though I made a LOT of headway, I still feel... well... I feel like a bum. Usually people tell me I'm acting like a bum when I don't feel like it. If I feel like it, something MUST be wrong. I'm getting all sad and lazy, staying in the house instead of chilling with friends. To be quite honest, this summer is getting almost as depressing as last school year which, if you were there, you know, was pretty rough. What do I do to make it better? No car, no bike, little money. 


I'll just finish the book and THEN have a life. No? Ok, I say we get drunk, because I'm all out of ideas. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally some Progress!

After feeling uber lame for the past week, I finally decided to suck it up and write. Three pages, two hours, and chapter ten is looking less like a train wreck and more like a sunny day. Granted, there are some very difficult conversations coming up, some that my main characters are going to hate so much that I can barely stand to write them. 

Ok, that's a lie. I love doing mean things to my characters, because it usually means retribution in the most violent of ways. 

What really frustrates me in those long conversations is 1) Keeping the reader interested.  alot of information dumping goes on, which may or may not detract from what's going on. 2) The conversations take an unexpected turn nine times out of ten, leaving me staring at my computer screen wondering what on earth just happened. Sometimes fights break out, sometimes people start making out, and sometimes the tension fizzles into nothingness or explodes into an entirely unanticipated plot. It's exhausting, and to be quite honest, I don't really like not knowing what's about to happen in my own book.

Really Kira, you say, just suck it up and write. 

*sigh* I will. Eventually. But for now let me procrastinate with more editing. 

Second point of blog: Two different kinds of series. 

I have to talk about this because I just saw the second episode of True Blood, and, well, let's just say it cut off at a crazy plot-heavy scene. I wanted to punch my computer, and I don't know if I can wait seven days to find out what happened. 

It's pure genius, I think. That's the kind of series it is. Leave-you-hanging-aching-for-more-what-the-hell-just-happened-seriously-when-is-the-next-episode type of series. 

It's made by the same people who pushed back HP6 almost an entire year, I think. Not necessarily out of cruelty (though I do think it's cruel) but out of a consciousness that more people will tune in the more you hold at stake. 

Then there's the nice series, the one like, let's say, charmed. There is (for the most part at least) a nice, clear cut plot in each episode, complete with rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. Grade school teachers would be proud. I like that situation more sometimes, because even though a main plot runs through the heart of the series, the audience/reader still gets a sense of satisfaction out of each and every snippet/episode/book, instead of an adrenaline rush accompanied by week-long (or, since I've mentioned books, YEAR LONG) theories that border on obsessive.

Harry Potter falls under option number two, Everworld falls under option number one. Supernatural is a combination, I think. Depends on the season. 

Kira, you may be thinking, is this relevant at all? 

No, my dear reader. Not one bit. 

(BTW I KNOW I have followers! Would it kill you guys (and anyone else) to leave a comment? I don't think sooooo!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Book update and other interesting things in Kira's life (or lack thereof)

So, this summer is taking an unexpected turn, and although I'm only a week in, it seems as if my life will, as usual, not be going like I planned it. Thus far, I'm jobless, it's been storming (like, I fear for my life storming), and last night a bug about the size of my thumb crawled across the living room (my bedroom for the summer) floor. My sleep schedule is a complete train wreck, my productivity levels are near zero, and I freaking hate my local gym with an undying passion.

Way to go, Saint Francis. 

Fail, Kira. 

But I have been writing my book, believe it or not. I'm about one page closer to being done with chapter ten than I was when school let out, I've been adding to various other chapters, and I'm missing my self-assigned deadlines left and right (according to the calendar on my computer, I should be working on chapter 12. No go.). 


I blame this all on a depressing lack of coffee shops and a non-functioning bikes. 

I did, however, watch Underworld 3 once more. It's not one of my favorites, but in terms of the supernatural, it's right up my alley. Well developed characters, convincing world, and kick ass action scenes definitely make a fun movie. As a werewolf fanatic, I was impressed with the change from human to lycan, something usually butchered in most movies (i.e. Harry Potter, Blood and Chocolate, New Moon). So that made me happy yesterday. Also, Victor is so delightfully evil. He cracks me up.

Meh. No more updates, except that the book is indeed, still on my mind 24/7. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

That thing, that thing, that thing

I suppose I should let you all know that I skip around. In my novel, and in the series (hopefully this will be a series because I've got more story left in this world). Sometimes I get the urge to write parts of the second book, etc. It's nice, I think, to take a break from this story and think about the future, even though it's true that the plots of the next books will probably change around the more I get to know my characters. 

I've already spotted a problem with my line of thought. Not even worrying about the whole series, I've never stopped and thought about how far the characters would go.


Yes, I'm talking about that thing. Rocking the boat, doing the dirty, whatever you wish to call it. Maybe Pride Fest has spurned my sudden questioning about sex and character interaction in general. To a degree I have it thought out, but not with my main couple, which is really starting to rub me the wrong way. 

I'm torn, in a way, and while I'm not trying to bring TOO much of my personal beliefs into the actions of my fictional friends, it's hard for me to be ok with one girl saving herself- I'm sick of that whole virgin ideology, and I'm a firm believer that a girl is worth more than what's between her legs. I respect those who wish to save themselves, but I don't want to project that ideal one way or the other. On the same token, I don't want her to come off as a skank, or as Bill so nicely put it on the season premiere of True Blood, "a lady of the night." 

And more so, I don't want the boy to have been around the block- on this part I'm sure, because he's just not like that. At all. But is he a virgin? Is it important to say whether or not he's had sex, and with whom? 

Even another major character that doesn't even hook up with anyone... do his views on sexuality matter? I don't know how conservative I want everyone to be. 

Sex is becoming a huge issue here. Am I worrying too much? Gar. 

Maybe all my characters should just be in an orgy together, haha. EEEWWWW. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crazy stuff, man. Crazy stuff (Pride Fest and other awesome sexy things)

So I went to pride fest yesterday, and it was definitely something I'd call an experience. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

Due to some people mistaking "Pride fest" as a celebration of the movie "Lion King," let me clarify. Pride fest is a festival for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender members of the Milwaukee area to come together and celebrate their affinity for... each other. And sex. 

Did I mention sex? 

Well, I know this may seem completely unrelated to Morgantown, however I got a lot of inspiration from the various drag queens and kings (do drag kings exist?), and believe that sometime later in my writing career I'll explain exactly how Pride Fest has influenced my book. 

OK, partially now. Mostly, it was the chaos. It was complete and utter chaos. For my NU peeps, just picture Dance Marathon, but with alcohol (lots and lots of alcohol), twice the people, half the space. Don't forget the horny atmosphere. Everyone is obsessed with showing how much they love each other's faces, souls, bodies, breasts, penises, vaginas, hands... 

By the end of the night, everyone had hooked up and in the quieter areas, couples in the midst of rocking the boat completely dominated their respective territories. Very bestial. Very hot. Very lusty.

Haha, so it definitely influenced Morgantown, and a scene that I plan on putting in one of the upcoming chapters (not telling which, but I'm working on chapter 10. Still.), so be on the lookout for the above atmosphere. I think I'll be extending that particular scene in the hopes that it will be good. 

I hope most of what I write is good, haha. Sometimes that doesn't work so well, but I guess that's the beauty and mystery (frustration and horror) of writing. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 1 (night 1? morning 1?)

Alright, so I just got back to town, and I plan on commencing the writing marathon when I wake up tomorrow morning. 

Haha, wait. I think I just typed an error. 

You see, I said "morning," but morning for me is really whatever time of day I happen to wake up. Considering it's summer, this point must be emphasized, despite my desperate need for a job (isn't that what writing a book is for?). 

Regardless, I plan on writing tomorrow at some point. Right now, the small living room I sit in is filled to the brim with all of my college crap, and while I'm itching to throw the majority of it out I keep having to remind myself that it may all come in handy next year. I have to organize it, put my books on the shelf, and fold my clothes (which I put straight from the dryer in to the suitcase... without folding them). THEN I'll write.

I have my first book picked out for the summer, which sadly, is NOT a new one. I figured it's been a damn long time since I've read it, and the movie if coming out within a month (and I have to be able to point out every single flaw between book and movie, because that's what I do), so I'm reading the sixth Harry Potter book... again. It should be a quick easy read, and then I can get to CS Lewis. Yay! 

Oh, also, I've been working on the book for the past few days as a form of procrastination (who am I kidding... I was about to go to sleep last night and ended up writing three pages instead), and I've found joy in something I've been fearing: editing in minor characters. You see, there are two characters who need to be shown more prominently, and I haven't done a good job of that in my rough draft (that isn't very rough, considering how much I've edited it and shown it around to my various book-happy friends). I figured I'd always go back to them, and last night I finally wrote the introductory conversation that she needs to elbow her way into the story a little more. As for the male character, well, I have faith. He'll show himself eventually. 

Well, I know this post has been random. Sorry about that. But I'm tired, and hungry, and overwhelmed by the possibilities of this summer. So I guess I'll sleep, and write, and get back to you on the rest. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Close

I imagine myself becoming a writing machine, cranking out two chapters a week, but in reality I just hope I can get this book done before summer's out. The more I think about it, the more intense editing I have to get done. It's a little ridiculous, and I wonder if I'll ever be happy with the outcome.

One of my trusty editor friends seems to have bailed on me. I'm waiting on a reply from another one, and the third one is simply waiting for me to write some more material.

Right now, I'm at a level I haven't been before, in a really bad way; I haven't written anything in almost three weeks. That's bad. That's real bad. Which is precisely why I need to become a writing machine. Right?

I'm still on chapter ten, what COULD be an amazing chapter, despite the lack of action based scenes. There's a lot of conversations, a lot of tension building, and one major thing that really turns the plot around (in one sense at least). I'm looking forwards to writing it, and honestly, I'm so close!!! 

Two days, and I'll be home sweet home, doing nothing but working, writing, eating, sleeping, and exercising. But mostly writing and sleeping. That's my main goal, haha. 

The problem is I have a bit of a distraction factor at the moment, that I don't think will go away any time soon; sailing. I realized it's within my reach to work on a boat next summer, something I've become obsessed with in a relatively short amount of time, and whether or not I follow through on all the research I've been doing (I DO hope I get to follow through), there's a story coupled with some intense daydreaming that's keeping my thoughts away from Matthew, Rachel and the gang (my characters). 

Here's to hoping the summer brings me some peace of mind so I can get this book done (and published?). 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Agents, research, and finishing up Chapter ten (or not)

Meet Matthew. He's dreamy. But in my book, he's more of a father figure to the main heroine, and saves her ass more than once because of the stupid things she does.

Chapter ten is taking me far too long. I completely lied to myself when I said that the chapters would get shorter, because with the scenes I actually planned plus the scenes that I seem to need, it may just end up being the longest chapter yet (over 11,000 words). 


I think the word count of my book may turn into a problem. I know that some authors mentioned prospective agents complaining at 130,000 words, which may very well end up being the word count of my rough draft... there goes my word budget of 100,000. Oh well. 

As for my novel's development, I'm kind of glancing at it every so often, wishing that there were more to glance at. I have so many ideas bursting to be written down, and I have to keep reminding myself that there's only 8 days standing between me and complete writing freedom! There are 15 Chapters, and I do have a lot of the upcoming chapters partially written, which makes starting each chapter a little less intimidating. 

Anyone writing a book? I guess just out of experience I have a few tips. Advice that you may or may not take, that may or may not be helpful. I'm writing them anyways. I hope they're helpful. Here's my first one:

Tip: If there are scenes burning in your imagination, begging to be written, WRITE THEM DOWN. Don't hesitate or worry about writing the book from beginning to end. Don't worry about the plot changing slightly. Write the scenes you can't stop replaying in your head, and then worry about "sewing" them together. You can always change the details slightly if the plot has grown more complicated. 

I sent out a query letter to one agent so far, Maya Rock from Writers House, and got a very swift rejection letter. No hard feelings, I kind of expected it (being my first query and all) and if anyone out there is looking for a good agent, Maya Rock seems pretty legit to me. 

It doesn't hurt so much that one agent rejected me, but it scares me to think that NO agent will accept my queries. It's terrifying, when you're up late at night pouring your heart into a story, knowing that there's a very real possibility that it will never see the light of day, that people will never read it. But I guess that's where the love of the game comes in. 

There's a saying I heard about musicians that I think applies to writing (and many other professions that may or may not pay off monetarily in the end) and it goes something like this: You are a musician because you can't picture yourself doing anything else. I think it was phrased a lot better when I heard it, but you get the gist of it. 

And I do love writing, like August Rush loves music: More than food. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

School is in the way of my novel

Seriously. I want to write 24/7, but the problem is that if by some terrible twist of fate the whole author thing doesn't work out, it'll be nice to have a college degree. I guess I should study. But first, let me tell all you people out there what's going on: 

I'm writing a book. It's called Morgantown. Not telling you anything too detailed about it because I am, in fact, paranoid. Wouldn't want someone publishing my exact words. A year of writing, out the window. Sadness. 

I will tell you that it's about 65,000 words long right now, that I am working on chapter 10 out of 15 (plus epilogue and prologue). And once summer kicks in, I should have the book done by mid-July. Hopefully. I will be a writing machine! Woot! Hopefully. 

This blog is mostly for me, to be honest, because I've finally taken pity on my friends; they've heard quite enough about my characters' issues, about my writers block, and my inability to put this or that scene on the page. 

Granted, I have Miles, Brittny, Jillian, and various others reading the earlier chapters right now, and for them I will be eternally grateful. But I do need to rant. Thus, a blog, haha. 

Maybe strangers will read this, or maybe just my friends (which may or may not defeat the whole purpose of this blog), but whoever you are, out there in cyberspace or very close to me, I sincerely hope that you someday get to read my book.