Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You know what's funny?

So I lied to Miles when I said I'd have this chapter done by the weekend. It's Tuesday, and clearly not finished (though, as before, very close to it). 

I noticed something though. 

I wrote a lot of random scenes before I even started writing the book, before it was a fully formed project I needed to get it all out. When I began it as an actual project, I wrote a lot more scenes out of order, randomly, that stuck in my mind as vividly as a good scene in a movie. 

Reading them now, I'm glad I wrote them, but I have to edit so much of them. Obviously the plot has changed since I began, but it's more than that. I take my characters and their problems A LOT more seriously since I know what's happened before these scenes. The stakes are raised, and my main character has become much more mature since I first thought of her and her blonde escapades. 

I read a section just now and I was like "whoa, Rach, curb the sarcasm." I guess another thing is that teenage sarcasm gets real old after a certain number of pages, and if I can't put up with it, the person who can't bite back any sarcasm in a conversation, there's no way my characters would, especially in the tense situations I often put them through. 

Blah. Just wanted to say that. Sorry about the inundation of posts lately...


  1. ooo you changed the picture!
    is that morgantown too?!
    you can post as many times you want...just doesn't mean im going to read all of them...

  2. Yeah it isn't worth getting unless you have high levels..I had a 70 and I made a death knight and got her up to 71..so its worth it for me haha

    Wow I still need to update..hopefully I'll have time this weekend!