Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Close

I imagine myself becoming a writing machine, cranking out two chapters a week, but in reality I just hope I can get this book done before summer's out. The more I think about it, the more intense editing I have to get done. It's a little ridiculous, and I wonder if I'll ever be happy with the outcome.

One of my trusty editor friends seems to have bailed on me. I'm waiting on a reply from another one, and the third one is simply waiting for me to write some more material.

Right now, I'm at a level I haven't been before, in a really bad way; I haven't written anything in almost three weeks. That's bad. That's real bad. Which is precisely why I need to become a writing machine. Right?

I'm still on chapter ten, what COULD be an amazing chapter, despite the lack of action based scenes. There's a lot of conversations, a lot of tension building, and one major thing that really turns the plot around (in one sense at least). I'm looking forwards to writing it, and honestly, I'm so close!!! 

Two days, and I'll be home sweet home, doing nothing but working, writing, eating, sleeping, and exercising. But mostly writing and sleeping. That's my main goal, haha. 

The problem is I have a bit of a distraction factor at the moment, that I don't think will go away any time soon; sailing. I realized it's within my reach to work on a boat next summer, something I've become obsessed with in a relatively short amount of time, and whether or not I follow through on all the research I've been doing (I DO hope I get to follow through), there's a story coupled with some intense daydreaming that's keeping my thoughts away from Matthew, Rachel and the gang (my characters). 

Here's to hoping the summer brings me some peace of mind so I can get this book done (and published?). 


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