Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 a.m. and you wouldn't believe the amount of sunrises I've seen this summer

The thing is, I meant to go to bed sooner. After getting up to go to lunch with a good old friend, I went to go see Transformers 2 with some other friends, got back around ten, worked on the book till around 1am. 

I consider that a pretty good day. My sleep schedule is finally working out, and I guess I sort of decided to shrug off last week as my zombie week. Yeah. Because Yesterday was amazing. It was exactly what I want this entire summer to be; an engaging balance of productivity, fun, and friends. Love it. 

Then freaking appliances had to ruin it! I've been awake all night. I turned off my computer and lay down in bed by 2:30 a.m. deciding to call it a night so I could hang out with my friend today. Now it's almost six and the tiny things that make up white noise have made tonight a living hell. I dunno what to do. Sadness. 

Ok, so secretly this blog post really isn't about writing. It's me complaining. 

So since I've vented properly, let's get back to the writing, shall we?

I am THIS CLOSE to finishing chapter ten. Just an argument away, almost. And I could have been closer, but I decided to close that file for a little bit and look at what I had for chapter 11. Depressingly little. So I wrote about four to five pages of 11 so that once I'm done with 10 I won't be starting off with a blank page and some poor writing from a year ago that my great aunt mildred could have written (oh dear, I'm kidding. I don't have a great aunt Mildred. But wouldn't it be cool if I did?). So I consider that a triumph. WOOT!

Also, I decided that until I FINISH the manuscript completely (counting prologue and epilogue), I'm not querying any more agents. Seeing the words "partially completed" sounds like a turn off even to me, the amateur writer in college. And I don't want to waste any agent or publisher's time, just to get in the game early. But I'm not gonna lie... it's tempting. 

I was looking up writers' conventions the other day, and some of them have lists of credible agents and publishers that will be there. Took down some names, did some research, resisted the urge to email some of the agents. I did, however, make a list. So I know, at least roughly who I'm sending those wondrously frustrating query letters to. 

Whoa. I'm hungry. Peace OUTTTTTT. 

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