Monday, June 1, 2009

School is in the way of my novel

Seriously. I want to write 24/7, but the problem is that if by some terrible twist of fate the whole author thing doesn't work out, it'll be nice to have a college degree. I guess I should study. But first, let me tell all you people out there what's going on: 

I'm writing a book. It's called Morgantown. Not telling you anything too detailed about it because I am, in fact, paranoid. Wouldn't want someone publishing my exact words. A year of writing, out the window. Sadness. 

I will tell you that it's about 65,000 words long right now, that I am working on chapter 10 out of 15 (plus epilogue and prologue). And once summer kicks in, I should have the book done by mid-July. Hopefully. I will be a writing machine! Woot! Hopefully. 

This blog is mostly for me, to be honest, because I've finally taken pity on my friends; they've heard quite enough about my characters' issues, about my writers block, and my inability to put this or that scene on the page. 

Granted, I have Miles, Brittny, Jillian, and various others reading the earlier chapters right now, and for them I will be eternally grateful. But I do need to rant. Thus, a blog, haha. 

Maybe strangers will read this, or maybe just my friends (which may or may not defeat the whole purpose of this blog), but whoever you are, out there in cyberspace or very close to me, I sincerely hope that you someday get to read my book. 


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