Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 1 (night 1? morning 1?)

Alright, so I just got back to town, and I plan on commencing the writing marathon when I wake up tomorrow morning. 

Haha, wait. I think I just typed an error. 

You see, I said "morning," but morning for me is really whatever time of day I happen to wake up. Considering it's summer, this point must be emphasized, despite my desperate need for a job (isn't that what writing a book is for?). 

Regardless, I plan on writing tomorrow at some point. Right now, the small living room I sit in is filled to the brim with all of my college crap, and while I'm itching to throw the majority of it out I keep having to remind myself that it may all come in handy next year. I have to organize it, put my books on the shelf, and fold my clothes (which I put straight from the dryer in to the suitcase... without folding them). THEN I'll write.

I have my first book picked out for the summer, which sadly, is NOT a new one. I figured it's been a damn long time since I've read it, and the movie if coming out within a month (and I have to be able to point out every single flaw between book and movie, because that's what I do), so I'm reading the sixth Harry Potter book... again. It should be a quick easy read, and then I can get to CS Lewis. Yay! 

Oh, also, I've been working on the book for the past few days as a form of procrastination (who am I kidding... I was about to go to sleep last night and ended up writing three pages instead), and I've found joy in something I've been fearing: editing in minor characters. You see, there are two characters who need to be shown more prominently, and I haven't done a good job of that in my rough draft (that isn't very rough, considering how much I've edited it and shown it around to my various book-happy friends). I figured I'd always go back to them, and last night I finally wrote the introductory conversation that she needs to elbow her way into the story a little more. As for the male character, well, I have faith. He'll show himself eventually. 

Well, I know this post has been random. Sorry about that. But I'm tired, and hungry, and overwhelmed by the possibilities of this summer. So I guess I'll sleep, and write, and get back to you on the rest. 

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