Monday, June 15, 2009

That thing, that thing, that thing

I suppose I should let you all know that I skip around. In my novel, and in the series (hopefully this will be a series because I've got more story left in this world). Sometimes I get the urge to write parts of the second book, etc. It's nice, I think, to take a break from this story and think about the future, even though it's true that the plots of the next books will probably change around the more I get to know my characters. 

I've already spotted a problem with my line of thought. Not even worrying about the whole series, I've never stopped and thought about how far the characters would go.


Yes, I'm talking about that thing. Rocking the boat, doing the dirty, whatever you wish to call it. Maybe Pride Fest has spurned my sudden questioning about sex and character interaction in general. To a degree I have it thought out, but not with my main couple, which is really starting to rub me the wrong way. 

I'm torn, in a way, and while I'm not trying to bring TOO much of my personal beliefs into the actions of my fictional friends, it's hard for me to be ok with one girl saving herself- I'm sick of that whole virgin ideology, and I'm a firm believer that a girl is worth more than what's between her legs. I respect those who wish to save themselves, but I don't want to project that ideal one way or the other. On the same token, I don't want her to come off as a skank, or as Bill so nicely put it on the season premiere of True Blood, "a lady of the night." 

And more so, I don't want the boy to have been around the block- on this part I'm sure, because he's just not like that. At all. But is he a virgin? Is it important to say whether or not he's had sex, and with whom? 

Even another major character that doesn't even hook up with anyone... do his views on sexuality matter? I don't know how conservative I want everyone to be. 

Sex is becoming a huge issue here. Am I worrying too much? Gar. 

Maybe all my characters should just be in an orgy together, haha. EEEWWWW. 

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