Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally some Progress!

After feeling uber lame for the past week, I finally decided to suck it up and write. Three pages, two hours, and chapter ten is looking less like a train wreck and more like a sunny day. Granted, there are some very difficult conversations coming up, some that my main characters are going to hate so much that I can barely stand to write them. 

Ok, that's a lie. I love doing mean things to my characters, because it usually means retribution in the most violent of ways. 

What really frustrates me in those long conversations is 1) Keeping the reader interested.  alot of information dumping goes on, which may or may not detract from what's going on. 2) The conversations take an unexpected turn nine times out of ten, leaving me staring at my computer screen wondering what on earth just happened. Sometimes fights break out, sometimes people start making out, and sometimes the tension fizzles into nothingness or explodes into an entirely unanticipated plot. It's exhausting, and to be quite honest, I don't really like not knowing what's about to happen in my own book.

Really Kira, you say, just suck it up and write. 

*sigh* I will. Eventually. But for now let me procrastinate with more editing. 

Second point of blog: Two different kinds of series. 

I have to talk about this because I just saw the second episode of True Blood, and, well, let's just say it cut off at a crazy plot-heavy scene. I wanted to punch my computer, and I don't know if I can wait seven days to find out what happened. 

It's pure genius, I think. That's the kind of series it is. Leave-you-hanging-aching-for-more-what-the-hell-just-happened-seriously-when-is-the-next-episode type of series. 

It's made by the same people who pushed back HP6 almost an entire year, I think. Not necessarily out of cruelty (though I do think it's cruel) but out of a consciousness that more people will tune in the more you hold at stake. 

Then there's the nice series, the one like, let's say, charmed. There is (for the most part at least) a nice, clear cut plot in each episode, complete with rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. Grade school teachers would be proud. I like that situation more sometimes, because even though a main plot runs through the heart of the series, the audience/reader still gets a sense of satisfaction out of each and every snippet/episode/book, instead of an adrenaline rush accompanied by week-long (or, since I've mentioned books, YEAR LONG) theories that border on obsessive.

Harry Potter falls under option number two, Everworld falls under option number one. Supernatural is a combination, I think. Depends on the season. 

Kira, you may be thinking, is this relevant at all? 

No, my dear reader. Not one bit. 

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  1. Okay!! okay! pull my arm!
    i have been reading...just haven't commented..
    but i love how you talk about your characters as real people..kinda reminded me of the Sims which i have yet to buy yet!....

    i do like people leaving on the hook, like a cliffhanger....its drama and thats what i love..though can get a little annoyed (i.e. heroes) when i just wanna know what going on...

    yeha there's ur comment. happy?