Friday, June 19, 2009

Book update and other interesting things in Kira's life (or lack thereof)

So, this summer is taking an unexpected turn, and although I'm only a week in, it seems as if my life will, as usual, not be going like I planned it. Thus far, I'm jobless, it's been storming (like, I fear for my life storming), and last night a bug about the size of my thumb crawled across the living room (my bedroom for the summer) floor. My sleep schedule is a complete train wreck, my productivity levels are near zero, and I freaking hate my local gym with an undying passion.

Way to go, Saint Francis. 

Fail, Kira. 

But I have been writing my book, believe it or not. I'm about one page closer to being done with chapter ten than I was when school let out, I've been adding to various other chapters, and I'm missing my self-assigned deadlines left and right (according to the calendar on my computer, I should be working on chapter 12. No go.). 


I blame this all on a depressing lack of coffee shops and a non-functioning bikes. 

I did, however, watch Underworld 3 once more. It's not one of my favorites, but in terms of the supernatural, it's right up my alley. Well developed characters, convincing world, and kick ass action scenes definitely make a fun movie. As a werewolf fanatic, I was impressed with the change from human to lycan, something usually butchered in most movies (i.e. Harry Potter, Blood and Chocolate, New Moon). So that made me happy yesterday. Also, Victor is so delightfully evil. He cracks me up.

Meh. No more updates, except that the book is indeed, still on my mind 24/7. 

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