Saturday, July 4, 2009

Um, guess what?

Don't have time for a long post or anything, but I just made chapter ten my bitch :D 

Yes, I'm done with that chapter, and surprisingly, it's only about 19 pages. Short, huh? 

Other than that, I just wanna wish everyone a happy fourth of July, and I hope it's a fun day of cooking out and fireworks for all. 

Now, on to chapter 11...


  1. WHEW! CHAPTER 10! hahaha you said bitch!

  2. lol yeah I reacted the same way to the videos...I haven't listened to the whole 2nd one..but one day when I'm bored I tomorrow haha..

    yea there should be some kind of age restriction...but people could bypass that anyway..

    I heard the 1st video might be staged..but I was hoping it wasn't cuz I could totally see that happening..especially the "I'm gunna run away and never come back" part..cuz when I got mad at my mom I said that all the time..and she'd be like fine pack your bags..and then I'd throw more of a tantrum haha

  3. I don't think it was staged- WAY too crazy to be staged. And that part where he almost stuck a remote up his butt or something? I feel like if they were staging something he wouldn't do something so... humiliating to himself.


  4. I'm leaving a comment saying I love you and often want to leave comments but I usually load this and then read it in my room with no internet--- thus I cannot comment...

    1 guess to guess who this is... ITALY!

    love- miss you- loving the reading