Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Facebook; I mean what I say and I say what I mean

Latest facebook status, to the t: haha, this is about the time when I abandon my chapter for a month and work on the next one out of procrastination (it's an odd method, but it works). What am I going to do when I'm working on the last chappie? 

It's really a vicious cycle.

I am SO perilously close to chapter 11 that it scares me- all of the sudden I started writing yesterday and I couldn't stop. Now I have 13 pages (word pages, not published pages), and I feel like there will be five more before it's done. Only five. That's how much I wrote last night. 

(That's how much your MOM wrote last night) ... I couldn't help it. 

And now I don't want to look at it. Chapter 11 and 12 are NOT my "ooh ooh I really want to write these scenes this is so much fun" chapters. Really. If I could (in good conscience), I'd get someone else to write them, so I could get to the juicy stuff in the ending chapters. That's really how I feel at this point. 

11 and 12 are the last transition chapters, and then comes THE FIGHT. 

Don't act all surprised, dear readers, I know you saw it coming. How else could a book like this end, other than a hardcore face-off with the bad guy? 

But fear not. I won't say who wins said hardcore face-off. Aren't you on the edge of your seat?

Anyways, I'm experiencing an odd feeling. Or rather, at this very moment, I'm experiencing TWO odd feelings.

1) My stomach is growling in an I've-been-up-all-night-and-didn't-realize-that-I-needed-to-eat kind of way, and let me tell you, it may be more subtle than the normal tummy growl, but it's also WAY more painful. Maybe it's the fatigue. WAIT NO. I just realized it's probably the MONSTER energy drink I had last night at like 10. Ok I get it now.

2) I feel ALMOST done and NOT EVEN CLOSE to done at the very same time. It sucks, and I have the jitters. Ok, DM analogy (for you Miles, even though you're probably not reading this) 
I think about chapters in two ways: Blocks and Pages. Logically speaking, I have about 15-20 pages per chapter, which leaves A LOT of writing to do before I can boast a fully completed rough draft. But thinking in BLOCKS, I only have say, four more to do. Much more doable, in my opinion. 

So I'm a tad bit confumbled, if you will. (yes I know that's not a word)

AND I'm a little bit creeped out by the amount of organ music in the new Shiny Toy Guns album, hehe. (It's worth it for Ghost town)

I hope I keep writing at this pace, because I am WAY behind in my schedule


My birthday present to myself is supposed to be a fully completed manuscript (rough draft, of course), and I don't want to disappoint myself, as I can become quite violent and am known for my short temper.

Away from the crazy lane, I'm on my last two books before I'm done with the reading kick (hopefully one of my book worm friends will fix that soon), and my mind is still spinning from the last two series I devoured (literally read two 400 page books in one night. Yeah). It's nice, I didn't realize how much I missed reading 24/7 till I started doing it again, and I'm actually angry at college for killing that particular habit. 

Last to read (and they sound good):
Dead Until Dawn (Sookie Stackhouse Series AKA True Blood first season)
Neverwhere (Neil Gaimin... he's trippy, so I'm pretty stoked)

What have YOU been reading/not reading? 


  1. Outlander series- but they are very long
    You would like the Kerrie Riley series though- I haven't been able to read any yet- but I hear they are good and I will pick them up once I finish outlander


  2. I have not been reading books, but I do read blogs everyday...although I do prefer the blogs with just pictures...

    interesting post btw...haha