Sunday, July 12, 2009

Agents Drive me MAD!

I was looking at the beautiful application I have called iCal, and I realized that if I keep on schedule (unlikely), I'll be done with my book (book meaning very rough draft of book) in three weeks. 

Hold on. Let me repeat this. 


Just looking at it creeps me out in an awesome way. 

So of course, I can't sleep. I decided to do a bit of research on Agents and such, and DAMN. It's a tough world out there. I didn't realize fantasy was such an out there genre- half the agencies I'd bookmarked earlier actually are adamantly against vampires and werewolves, and for the life of me I can't figure out why. 

It's fun, it's crazy, AND reading fantasy books is like eating flintstones vitamins- so fun you don't realize it's good for you (and of course I think that reading is good for you, even if you sit around reading romance novels all day... you know what I'm talking about you naughty reader you... the kind of books where the guy ALWAYS looks like Fabio with his long, thin blonde hair and naked chest- big enough for the main heroine, first person narrator, I'd guess, to wrap her arms around). 

Anyways, I've been getting more and more frustrated. I DON'T want to subscribe to writer's market, because (and I know you're not going to believe this) I have no money left. Well. Almost none. Not enough for a membership. 

So I'm stuck stalking Book Expos and writing conferences, because I assume that agents that attend these things are legit. I need legit. I do NOT need to be ripped off (like what happened to Susie on Rugrats; All growed up when she wanted to be a singer and a lady ripped her off... so sad). 

Basically I feel like I'm doing a research paper, except triple checking my sources. Ugh. Not cool. 

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  1. ohhh, love the comparison to Flintstones vitamins......yeha......That'll be crazy though if you're done in 3 weeks.....that's dedication.