Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still in Texas, don't want to leave

I think spring break should be a few months longer. It's ridiculous (Or as my dad has been saying, riDONKulous) how quickly the time passed, and now I'm scurrying to pack my things as the clock brings me closer and closer to spring quarter.

I do miss Chicago, a little bit. Maybe I need some MORE absence to make the heart grow fonder, but I don't have that right now. Right now, all I have is an hour to shower, finish laundry, pack, and post this to my blog. Then it's high flying to the windy city, and a whole lot of work. Damn.

Yesterday, the pops and I went to a huge get together down in the real country of Texas, hosted by the guy who basically helped me get into NU. There was BBQ, corn, brownies, beer, wine, mashed potatoes, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, and this really amazing yummy pie called "buttermilk pie." I'd never heard of it before last night, but it's amazing! It's like pecan pie, but on crack. Good, tasty crack.

The host's daughter is my new favorite ten year old. The adults were cool and all, but she was freaking awesome. Once we found out that we were fans of Harry Potter, we gabbed about how disappointing the movies were, how awesome the books were, and then promptly exchanged "must read" lists. I told her about Neil Gaiman, and she told me about a series involving "Septimus." I still need to figure out the specifics of that. We also both LOVE the Percy Jackson series, which you should read if you have not done so already.

But it really made me smile to know that she was taking initiative, writing stories, reading anything she could get her hands on, and learning bits of Greek (How cool is that?!?!?!?). I want to be besties with her, or at least guide her towards a writing career as she grows up. I know, she'll be whatever she wants to be, but she'd make an awesome writer.

Anyways, it was really fun, and she was very cool. Wish I met more kids like that. Wish I met more adults like that.

In other news, there was supposed to be a student play performed on the Tarleton campus. Usually, I wouldn't care, but because of the circumstances (portraying Jesus and the apostles as gay, and the play being cancelled) I took interest. My next blog, which may or may not be today, will focus on this craziness.

Until then,

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