Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spilling Ink, Day 19: Visual inspiration

Steph Bowe, a 16 year old author, posted today about visual inspiration. Her post is interesting, and inspired mine today. It's all about M-Town, by the way.

All of the pictures pertain to my book, and after an extensive online search, I think I found the right ones to post. Next week sometime I'll do one of these on SW, my new WIP that isn't so much IP.

I know this is Outback Steakhouse, but it looks so much like the restaurant where many fateful conversations occur:

That's all, folks. Do you find pictures for your books or stories?

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  1. Ooo, fun pictures. I love the, "I know this is Outback Steakhouse, but..."

    To answer your question, I actually shy away from finding pictures. While I've always liked the *idea* of visual inspiration, it makes me nervous to ground myself in physical images too much--I prefer to keep my characters and places as these ethereal beings and essences that float around in my mind, resisting the flash of the camera. For me, finding pictures would be like suffocating my characters and pinning them on a display board like butterflies, lol. That being said, I have used an image of a meadow to sort of place the story, and I'm definitely interested in trying this more often for settings, but not for characters.