Friday, June 18, 2010

Spilling Ink: Day 16, 17, & 18 (Or: Oops, K kinda sucks at this whole challenge thing)

Yeah. I know it's been three days. Yeah. I know I'm supposed to blog every day. Yeah. I know I suck.

Today I'm going to have lunch with one of my high school teachers, and I'm really excited. I'm also aware that this is apparently weird, but I don't care. She was the first encouraging voice (besides my mother) to tell me writing was a subject worth pursuing. I was a member of her first class after college. Junior year English. Amazing. It was back when I still cared about grades, and I'll always remember the day she broke it to me that my final grade for fall semester was an A-.

Good times.

This blog post, therefore, is dedicated to all the amazing teachers I've had, in high school and college: Sucich, Abani, Savage, Kinzie, Bouldrey, Morawski, Olson. I owe my love for English to you fine professors, and I hope you share your enthusiasm with hundreds (thousands) of students in your thus far AMAZING careers.

Peace out,
(Good blog post upcoming),

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