Monday, June 7, 2010

Spilling Ink: Day 7

If you cut me at this moment, I would bleed coffee.


Enough with the graphic visuals though, and onwards to finish of the first week of the Spilling Ink challenge!

OH. I have to write something?

Tennyson was part of a poetic movement that grated against R. Browning's politicized ideas. Tennyson believed that poetry should be escapism. There's a name for the team he was on (ok it wasn't really a team), but I forgot it. Browning's friends, Rossetti and someone else, shared his beliefs.

Three major movements we studied in my English class were Victorianism, Romanticism, and Modernism (not in that order). Neoclassicism had a large part in a few of these, along with aestheticism.

I feel so brain dead right now.

Disclaimer: I totally didn't have internet last night, or this would have been posted sooner.

As it is, there's nothing amazing about this post other than the fact that I'm still alive. Maybe that's only interesting to me though.

I'll be back later with Spilling Ink: Day 8. Hopefully it'll be more interesting than this post.


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  1. Tennyson was a part of the Cambridge Apostles :-) And he loved medievalism and sound (EUPHONY!)