Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Horcruxes... because my HP obsession has reached new levels

Before anything else happens, BEHOLD. BEHOLD THE AMAZING AWESOMENESS:

OMG ISN'T IT AMAZING?!?!?!?!??!!!?!?!?

Feel free to pause, because if you've reacted half as crazily as I have, then you're still hyperventilating from the AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD!

Ok. Are you good?

Me too.

Let's continue.

In the spirit of my absolute favorite book series EVER (no, seriously, nothing will ever eclipse my love for HP. Haha. See what I did there with the Twilight reference?), I'm going to copy this youtube video. However, since me plus cameras usually equal disaster, I'm just going to blog about it instead.

If I were to create seven horcruxes by putting bits of my soul into material objects (like Voldemort does in the Harry Potter series), here's what they would be:

1) My guitar. Not the first one from my dad, but the one my music teacher gave me. It's a little beaten up, but it's lovely, and even though I don't play seriously anymore, I'd feel lost if I didn't have a guitar nearby. It's very important to me to be able to have that, and especially that particular guitar. I even named it. No, I'm not going to tell you its name.

2) My first Harry Potter Book. Granted, it is seriously messed up right now, but I truly believe I wouldn't be who I am today without HP. There's scotch tape holding it together, and ridiculous 11-year-old doodles inside, but I love it. Dearly.

3) This Ring:

I've had it for almost a year, and other than the fact that it's absolutely beautiful, one of my best friends got it for me for my birthday. Also, it's peridot, my birthstone. So that's pretty damn cool as well.

4) Guitar pendant and/or hand of god charm. They both go on necklace style, and they both mean a lot to me. The guitar pendent was my great grandmother's (on my dad's side) and the hand of god I got at the synagogue when I used to student teach there. I don't feel safe or normal without one of those around my neck.

5) A lump of peridot on the green sand beach in Hawaii. Favorite place. On earth. No doubt.

6) My cat. I know, she's alive, but as evidenced by the 7th HP book (spoiler, mos def), I can do that. I love my baby kitten, because she's made of awesome and she's got spunk. Spunk is good. Especially for horcruxes.

7) Red scarf I got in Israel. It's shiny, and I love it. God, that sounds like a terrible reason. I bought it in the beduin tents on my last night in Israel, and every time I wear it I think of the amazing time I had there.


WOW. This turned out to be WAY more difficult then I thought it would be. Not that I'm not materialistic. I assure you, I am, but Voldemort had his work cut out for him when he had to decide which objects to put his soul into. If I had to do that, the Order of the Phoenix would probably catch me while I was trying to decide.

Do I sound like a nerd?

I sound like a nerd.

Ok, your turn. If you had to make horcruxes, what would you put your soul into? Because immortality has crossed everyone's mind, I'm sure, and it never hurts to be prepared.


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