Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spilling Ink... ?

Yeah, I started out strong, but eventually this whole blogging thing died. Caput, and all that jazz. See, Texas was once a place of lame internet access, until I realized that dad has a wifi plug in. He's been holding out on me.


Anyways, now I have ze internet at my fingertips, but I'm fairly sure the Spilling Ink challenge has turned out to be a monumental failure for me. Kudos to those who stuck with it.

Oh, speaking of challenges, I also failed that whole "4k a day" thing. Was it 4k? Or 3k? 2k?

Dunno. Haven't written that much, except for the past two days, whilst a shiny new idea distracted me from reality. I'm a bit hesitant to work on shiny new idea, because even though it sounds super cool, I don't like research. This totally needs research.

Shiny new idea will probably continue to distract me until I've written enough of it out (which might be 20 pages or a book), but if I write enough scenes (20 pages or 10k words) I'll suck it up and write the rest of it. Because it's the most promising idea I have to go on.

Arg. Maybe tomorrow I'll write about the evil difficult ridiculosity about writing a second book.


Goodnight, peeps.

1 comment:

  1. You fail so much. But yeah continue on the second book though.