Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spilling Ink: Day 5

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, the prosecution would like to convict and sentence the Bronte sisters to a life of anonymity. Their crime?


Oh. And having the nerve to write books that would haunt children via schoolwork and papers for generations to come. These women are almost as bad as Shakespeare.

*audience gasp*


Sigh. I think I just hit the amount of crazy that enables me to write skits based on literary figures iHate. But enough of Kira's complaining, lest you think she doesn't realize how blessed she is to even get an education. Even if it is a particularly stuffy one.

I kid, I kid.

Anyways, I wanted to take day five of the Spilling Ink challenge and make a confession: I haven't read the book this challenge is based off of. I got the idea from this blog, the writer of which has clearly read the book. *shifty eyes*

The point of that particular confession is that there are apparently writing prompts at some intervals (I think), and I haven't been following them. Except yesterday. On accident. Yeah. I accidentally followed guidelines. Sort of.

Yesterday's post (on imaginary friends, if you haven't read it) coincided oddly with the prompt from day 4, which is about characters and making them real. My post was basically talking about how real characters can be sometimes.

Cool, right? Or creepy. Take your pick.

The post went on though, and it involved an "interview" to get to know your character. Just to be interesting, I figured I'd fill that out today, with a little help from Rachel (my main character from Morgantown). We're BFFs. But only I can see her.

... ok just forget I said that.


1. What is your happiest memory(ies)?
My first date with Michael. Thai restaurant. We almost got kicked out, but it was worth it.

2. What makes you laugh so hard soda shoots out of your nose?
I don't really do that. I came close once, though. Kerrie slipped in a puddle of mud and got all dirty. She almost had a heart attack. Priceless.

3. What don't you want anyone to find out about you?
None of your business.

4. What is the best part of your personality?
My endless wit and cheerful demeanor. Gets me miles ahead of the curve.

5. What shoes do you usually wear?
I don't really pay attention to shoes. I mean, does it even matter in the long run if I'm wearing sneakers or heels? Except that I can't run in heels. Or walk. Next question.

6. Name some things you are not very good at.
Walking or running in heels.

7. How would your best freind describe how you look?
As Bree would say, "If you just started caring, you'd look like a goddess." Makes me wonder what I look like normally.

8. What are you afraid of?
The man on the moon. What? Like I'm going to tell you my deepest darkest fear? No way in hell.

9. What do you think of yourself when you look in the mirror?
I don't like my shoulders. My left one, specifically.

10. What does your bedroom look like?
Lots of windows on one side. A bed. Staircase. Fireplace. There's a bookshelf, but most of the books aren't mine. Old encyclopedias and stuff. My computer, a pile of clothes, a dresser (that I don't use that much), aaaand a really tacky lamp.


Rachel would also like you to know that she thinks that interview was lame, and why couldn't I come up with better questions? Don't mind her. She's a bit on the moody side of 17.

I guess that wraps up Day 5 of Spilling Ink for me! Sorry if I'm not staying on topic very well.

SONG! I'm not actually sure where I found this, but it makes me happy in a sad sort of way.

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