Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Tell Me: Appeasing the Publishing Gods and stuff

See, sometimes this blog falls into a funk, and I don't update for weeks. Other times, I can't help but update three times a day.

Like today.


Ok, so the amazing Veronica Roth, a NU graduate, recently got a book deal. Apparently she made a list of things she would do if that ever happened, and she came through on her promise, as evidenced here. Go watch it. Did you? Yeah. That just happened. Marshmallows.

She's not the only author to make such promises. In fact, many authors do it. I've read of some who dyed their hair various colors, vow to reenact certain music videos, etc. They do this in the midst of query hell, and it just occurred to me, that's where I am right now.

So what the hell?

Let's spice things up and offer a few sacrifices to appease the publishing gods! (Insert maniacal cackle here)

If you have any ideas for something crazy (keep it clean, people) or not so crazy, leave something in the comments. For now, here are a few of my ideas (which are at this point up for debate:

Normal stuff:
1) Lots and lots of community service. I'm talking campus kitchens, tutoring kids in English, music, and writing, maybe even Peace Corps (ok, that last one might be exaggerating).

2) Donating to charity. This one is actually a guarantee.

3) Run a marathon. This is a doozy. I don't want to do this, but it'd sure be a show of gratitude...

4) Do DM next year (this gives me a short amount of time. Let's just say I'll do this if I get an agent by October...) For those of you not in the know, DM is a 30 hour dance marathon, in which each dancer must raise 400 dollars in order to participate. I did it my sophomore year, and it was PAINFUL.

5) Take a few friends to dinner. Ok, this is kind of a cop out compared to the rest of them, but it's also important. AND it'd be a really nice restaurant. I've already picked it out. But if I told you, then I'd ruin the surprise. More on that later though.

That's all I got for normal stuff. Any suggestions???

Crazy stuff:

1) Dye my hair blue. No, really.

2) Impromptu musical concert starring me and my guitar. You'll find us at the Rock. Yes, I'm an attention whore.

Note: I'm thinking really hard, because I really want something crazy/embarrassing.

3) Oooh! What about a breakdancing (or other type of dance... after a few lessons), in public, recorded and then put on youtube? No. Never mind. Too much.

4) Skydiving. 'Nuff said.

5) Redbull. Best friends. Car. Roadtrip. Camera. Is that crazy enough? Eh, I'll do it anyways.

I'm so out of ideas it's not even funny. Anyone, seriously, tell me what YOU think I should do if I get an agent/book deal (again, keep it clean).

You have one week to leave comments. I'll consider them, and then next Wednesday, my official promises are going up. Then there's no looking back. It is SO on.

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  1. I know what restaurant! But here's an idea: go around for a full day as a student from Hogwarts, complete with the outfit, accent, wand, and spells.