Monday, May 3, 2010

A break from the doom and gloom

Alright, so in an astonishingly short amount of time, I'm over that particular rejection. That's SO last hour.

Agent Jim McCarthy posted the contest results today!! Now I need to edit a teensy bit more before sending the manuscript his way. Gulp.

I'm like, 98% excited and 2% scared. Or maybe it's 98% scared and 2% excited. That's what makes it so awesome though.

Click here to read the whole post, though I've pasted a bit of it below:

We have a winner from last week’s poll! At the end of the business day on Thursday, the author who had accumulated the most votes was K whose “I wondered if the girl at the front desk knew that things like me existed,” garnered a healthy 236 votes!

So K, bring it on! Send me your manuscript, and I’ll review it promptly.

Everyone else, don’t be discouraged if you weren’t chosen as a finalist or if you didn’t win. Do feel free to query me—there were lots of great entries!

Congratulations to all nine finalists! There were some amazing first lines!

Also, I must repeat this (because I'm so amazed that this happened): Super huge thanks to everyone who voted, tweeted, blogged, and linked the contest to Facebook! You're all awesome!!! Read my earlier thank-you blog here.

Alright people. Start your engines. Ready, set, edit!

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