Sunday, May 16, 2010

Productivity, anyone?

It's kind of amazing how productive I am in the writing area when I have so much pending school work.

God, I hope my parents aren't reading this.

Anyways, tomorrow I'll make my promises regarding the universe and if I get published and stuff (you remember that post, right?). And by tomorrow, I mean the next time I'm academically pressured enough to procrastinate via this blog.

This weekend was super fun, for various reasons. Mostly today, though as a whole I'm pretty happy with the past few days. Friday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of friends, then went back to the room for a few drinks and an epic (or maybe not so epic) showing of the Blair Witch Project (!!!). Saturday I spent in my room being a creeper. Luckily, one of my friends found me and decided to creep with me (by creep, I totally mean watching chick flicks and reading Percy Jackson).

But today? Today was EPIC. It started with a productive writing date at Kafein (1000 words. Not too shabby if I may say so myself). Then I hung out with my birthday friend (19, people. Wish her a Happy Birthday!!), and then SHE bought ME and a bunch of peeps dinner. Very classy place. Good food, too. Not gonna lie, the dessert was my absolute favorite part. Chocolate Fondant, anyone (see above picture)?

Afterwards, we went to a campus-wide Mulan sing along. Yes. We sang along to Mulan (like that one time) like a bunch of fiends, and it was so. damn. fun.

Even in the cold. Even in the unforgiving Chicago cold (It's MAY, if you haven't noticed, Chicago. Have some decency, why don't you?!). It was so worth it.

Which brings you all up to speed on my life. Right now I want more than ever to work on my WIP, but I have a paper to write, so I suppose I'll go wallow in my room like the procrastinating English Major that I am.

Hope your weekend was awesome too!!!

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