Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Treat for You

First of all, I want to thank EACH AND EVERY PERSON who voted, because I won the contest! I know I couldn't have done it without you wonderful people (literally, because I got like, 237 votes and I couldn't go on multiple computers or anything), so BIG HUGE THANKS! It was such an intense competition, and there were so many good first lines! I'll keep you up to date on whatever happens after this. Promise.

Since you guys helped me out so much, I feel obligated to share a little piece of happiness with you. So watch this video:

Did you watch it? Isn't it awesome? I know.

I went on a retreat this past weekend, which resulted in much happiness and sunburn. There were so many amazing people I think I would have had a blast in any setting, but to top it all off, we were on a farm (insert ridiculous amount of exclamation marks here)! There were kitehs that fit in the palm of my hand, mud covered dogs, s'mores, fields that stretched towards the horizon, and horses!!! I rode one for the first time, and it literally made my day. Made. My. Day.

Such a good weekend, but now, back to work. I think I'm getting a better grip on my new WIP, but I still miss M-town 2. I think I'll keep dabbling in it as I work on the new WIP, just to keep things interesting.

That's about all, so I'll wrap this baby up with one of my new favorite music videos:

Until next time!

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