Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Monogamous Relationship with Blogger

I've decided to commit to this blog, after a hiatus in which I took LiveJournal for a spin. It didn't work, all of the switching between the two although hypothetically, it was necessary. See, I have strong opinions. Opinions that may or may not offend or anger other people. Usually, I tell people to deal with it, that I am who I am, and you can take it or leave it.

But. (And there is a but)

I think that any public figure needs to be professional. And I understand that a published author may or may not count as a public figure, and I am aware that I'm a far cry from being a published author, but I don't want to start off on a bad note.

So I separated my writing life (and put it on LiveJournal) from my personal life (which had long since been posted freely on this blog), and ended up neglecting both blogs. Womp womp.

I gave up on that plan, so here I am, back in action.

Hi! (Waves at readers)

Now, to today's post:

I love twitter. It's become an obsession worse than facebook because quite frankly, it's better than facebook. There are so many cool people on twitter (really on it, as opposed to their agents or publicists on it for them), and sometimes I actually get to talk to them!

Well, not talk, per say, but... communicate! It's like a 140 character fan letter, and sometimes they write back! (Like yesterday when Paulo Coelho informed me which of his books he'd previously quoted! I flipped out!)

If you have doubts, check out this informative post by Kiersten White. Oh. Then subscribe to her blog, and pre-order her upcoming novel of awesome, Paranormalcy.

Then go watch Supernatural, because it's amazing, and Dean is hot. Look at the top of this post for proof. See? I told you.

I'm going to go work on my papers, because I'm a college student and life sucks. But not really, because I have iced tea!

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