Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hair (And why blond Protagonists must exist)

I've got too much of it, and I'm officially sick of my "long, golden tresses."

Because the truth is that those tresses look more like hay than gold, and long hair is a BITCH to de-snarl. I come to this conclusion every few years, and decide to cut it in one ridiculously short style or another. Why so short, you ask?

It's guilt. Everyone says I have good hair, and even though I don't always believe it, I can't let however many inches go to waste. Inevitably, I decide to donate to locks of love, and this time is no different.

So here I am, committing to it now: On June first (give or take a few days), I am cutting off AT LEAST ten inches of my hair and donating it to locks of love.

But come on now, I've done this twice before. Let's spice things up a little. I will also DYE MY HAIR. Yes, people. I will dye my hair permanently. The closest I've ever come to that was a poorly-chosen bottle of purple dye from Hot Topic. This is the big leagues, and I'm a bit nervous. Let's do it! I'm treating myself to a professional dye job, to minimize the risk of catastrophe.

Now should I go for black? Or brown? Red, maybe? Or should I try blue, green, and pink (in varying streaks)? I need suggestions, as I'm probably not qualified to pick a proper color myself.

It should be said, however, that I do not hate blond hair in general. It should also be said (because I love to tie EVERYTHING back to writing) that my MC is not blond because I am blond. I made her blond because I am SICK TO DEATH of the brunette heroine and the blond bimbo stereotype. All (or most) blonds in the books I've read are either weak, evil, or stupid. Take your pick from this trifecta of terrible personality types, but I'll have none of it.

So, um, that's my rant about my blond MC, pictured above (look familiar?).

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