Friday, August 28, 2009

24 Hours

I went a little crazy yesterday; I'm surprised I didn't tell strangers that I finished a book... I know, that SOUNDS egotistic, but... hmm...

Ok, I can't think of an analogy, BUT I can assure you that I'm not .... THAT... egotistic. I'm just really really REALLY excited.


Now I'm trying to gather my wits and reconnect with reality. I have to do mondo editing, I have another two to four books in the series planned (vaguely, at best) and I'm about to plunge into the least fun part of the writing business; querying.

From the blogs I've been reading, and all you have to do is click on my profile to see how many writing blogs I follow, I've gathered that querying is hell. It requires persistence and patience. I was persistent and patient enough to write a book, but those two qualities have been sorely lacking in every other part of my life. I dunno if I'm patient enough to get past the twenty or so rejection letters (average number of rejections received before requests... by my own guesstimation...), especially considering how hard I was hit when I didn't get into the creative writing program here. Especially how personally I take things.

I started looking at the second book (yeah, the three or so pages I have of it...), and I'm really nervous, because I haven't had to plan out a book since last summer. It was hard, by the way. Just making up events out of thin air. Fun, but hard.

Ok, that all sounded like a conceited rant, didn't it? Sorry. I'm just, a really awkward combination of terrified, excited, accomplished and full of self doubt all at the same time. It really doesn't make for a coherent blog post...

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