Thursday, August 6, 2009

Endings and Coraline (best movie EVER)

I'm working on the ending of my book, listening to the amazing Coraline soundtrack. Basically my last two posts were me in a whiny panic. 

I'll try not to be like that again :( 

Right now I'm a little ecstatic because I've figured out what's going to happen to Rachel and friends. 

For the most part. 

It's wonderful because as I write, the story changes. It feels really awesome :D 

Stayed up really late last night writing a major scene, and I'll try to continue to be a writing machine. 

My birthday's in 9 days! I'm so excited to not be a teen anymore. 

Funny note: when I asked people what I should do during my last days as a teen, one friend suggested getting pregnant, so I can have a teenage pregnancy. 

Not gonna try to do that one... 

But it would be cool if I could have the right to say that I finished an entire book as a teenager :D We're going to aim for that goal. 

Not the teenage pregnancy, lol. 

Well, I'm off to finish a book. 

Three chapters in nine days? 

I can SO do that. 


    (all night long) hahahaha

  2. YEAH!!!!...buuuuuut if it looks like u might not make it, getting pregnant can be the back-up plan!!!!! After all, it's probably much faster than finishing your book would be...