Sunday, August 9, 2009

Road trips and thunder and ghosts, oh my!

Yesterday was the best day of my summer thus far, and I'll tell you why. 

I hung out with some amazing people, ate some amazing chedder pretzels, and went on an amazing road trip!

Tamara, Chris, Ben and I left St. Francis at around nine at night, and drove up to Plainfield, WI, armed with three iPods, two bags of chips, four cases of energy drinks, a flash light, and two cameras. Along with Eric and Tiffany (two new friends), we braved the lightning, thunder, rain, and (almost) hail to get up to the house of one, Ed Gein. 

Yes, he's a serial killer. A dead serial killer.

Yes, I know it's weird to go to the town where a serial killer was born. 

Let me explain!

Basically we drove up there, drove past his house (or the remains of it at least. It burned down in the seventies), the local cemetery, and a hardware store where he committed his last murder. 

The trip was partially due to the article we read in Chris' Haunted Wisconsin book, partially due to a morbid curiosity of the unknown violence that lurks in the world of suburbia, and partially for the pure joy of driving. 

I had the most fun driving there and back, through twisting roads and abandoned highways as the moon sat up in the sky, shrouded by clouds as rain poured down on the van. We listened to some great music and had some memorable conversations, and overall, it was the best time I'd had all summer! 

Best part: I sat in the back, so I turned around and stared out the window as the road melted into the night. I don't know how else to describe it...

AND it counts as book research. At least for the prologue. I plan on writing about Kerrie and Rachel's drive across the country, and if that creepy awesome terrifying road trip didn't inform me what it's like, nothing will. 

I have to do another road trip! 

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    We must DEFINITELY do another road trip!! :D