Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Starbucks is God

Alright, maybe Starbucks isn't God, but for me, it's damn close. For some reason that isn't altogether unknown to me, coffee shops are catalysts for productivity, creating writing where there once was blank space.

Magic, I promise.

I dragged my sorry self to Starbucks yesterday, and finished the Epilogue, as well as edited the final two chapters of my book enough that I feel alright having my awesome readers look over them.

Overall, it was a very productive day, and it gave me an idea. I have no class on Fridays this quarter, so why not take advantage of them instead of becoming a thirsty Thursday fan? I could head to Kafein every Friday after lunch, and come back for dinner, or better yet have dinner somewhere in Evanston. I know it may not work out, but I'd like to try it, to devote a solid amount of my week to this book, because I really want it to work out.

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