Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AAHH School!

Alright, so I got back to campus on Monday night, and since then, life has been a pleasant blur. I have work tonight, and the rest of the week, including the majority of Saturday :(

But the good news is that people have begun to finish the book. Everyone has read chapter ten, and I have my first writing date this year! I'm heading to Kafein this Sunday, at which time I'll hopefully begin to really buckle down on the editing. Once Miles reads through the end, and then Brittny, I'll have to go back and rework the whole book, sprucing it up where it needs action, cutting out occasional overshares and infodumps, and adding in necessary character traits/interactions.

It's gonna be a bitch. But I'll survive.

So if you haven't noticed, posting has become somewhat sparse. I've set it up so each blog gets a post once a week. So I'll try to update this one every Tuesday, and my livejournal one every Friday (which is my designated book day). Sound good?

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  1. So I only get to stalk twice a week? lame.