Saturday, July 31, 2010

Writing Spaces

My short stint as an NBN writer revealed one thing: I love Kafein. I really, really love it. Besides the fact that it’s a homonym of one of a writer’s greatest allies, it creates a great writing space for most writers.

Right now I’m sitting on a rickety bed next to a painting of Jesus playing basket ball (I shit you not), and I’d give my pinky toes to sit in an upright chair, crazy music blasting, next to my writerly friends, sipping on a large cup of green tea.

It got me thinking about writing spaces in general, and what kinds of colors, sounds, and moods make for the best writing. Just like music, I think writing spaces are a very personal choice, so I thought I’d share mine with you for this blog post.

Note: This is in Dreamy McDreamland, so my writing space might get a little… carried away.

It all starts with the chair. It’ll be one of those swiveling office ones, with plush leather, and an adjustable height. Also, the back will be high, so when I’m at a loss for words I can lean back and rest my head while I stare at the ceiling.

As for the desk, it’ll be relatively simple. A long table would do, but a cool heavy wooden one would be a plus. On MTV Cribs (don’t judge me), the Hansons (ok, I just judged me) had this cool antique French table. It’s beautiful, and everything I could ever want in a table/desk thing. The tables at Kafein really tickle my fancy, what with the ornate colors and bohemian designs. Love them. So much.

I’d like a window, one with a spectacular view of nature; maybe a field, or the ocean. No, the best view would be the edge of a forest. I’d also need a set of thick, deep, dark curtains to drown out the light every so often. No roads or highways should be visible from this window, as when I get to writing I start to despise technology and the modern era in general (even though I couldn’t live without a laptop and/or music device). The distant hum of cars is ok, as I’d probably drown out any and all white noise with music.

On my wall, I’d like a corkboard, to put pictures, quotes, ideas, and anything else inspirational. It’d seriously help the creative process, I think. Worst case scenario, it’d look pretty. Note to self: Buy corkboard for apartment next year.

Next is the tea area, which is why I’d like a long table. I’ll have a water heater upper thing (compliments of Dan Shin), so that needs to sit on the table, along with my favorite mug, and a box of green tea. A small container of honey and a lemon or two would also sit here. Perfection.

Oh yeah. My laptop. I’d need that, too. And surround sound speakers!

Sigh. Just thinking about it makes me happy. I want to be there right now, even though I’m loving it in Puerto Rico.

What about you? What is your perfect writing space? Are there people, and music? Or are you alone, with silence as your only company? Would you want your cat and your book collection nearby? An espresso machine and hot barista within earshot (and eyeshot) at all times?

We all have to suck it up and write in places that can seem less than ideal, but I think every writer needs at least one or two things to really get in the zone. Me? I need noise. Most of the time I won’t settle for anything less than my favorite song, but thunderstorms make for a great writing ambience.

What is something you absolutely cannot write without? A favorite scarf? A fluffy pillow? A picture of Ryan Reynolds at hand?


Reading: Good Omens

Listening to: OneRepublic “Good Life”

Just Watched: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Really good movie. Mixes traditional magic with a bit of science and a lot of humor. This role, next to Kick Ass, was made for Nicholas Cage. Perfect casting, cute story, if a little predictable.

Word Count: 12k… still

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