Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Time!!

Yep. I found out today that the internet where I'll be staying in Puerto Rico is sketchy, at best, so I won't be seeing many blogs, or twitter, or facebook, or gmail.

I'm hyperventilating.

As much as most are in my generation, I'm addicted to the internet. Having so much information, being connected to a community of people, it's a curious state of being. You never realize how curious it is until you're cut off from it all. And then chaos ensues.

Not that I anticipated spending my vacation in front of the computer, but I like to be connected, and especially now, in the midst of a very huge batch of queries, I NEED to be connected. Luckily, the crisis has been averted thanks to the good deeds of Katie Spanish Dessert, and now I'm just mourning the loss of a constant twitter feed. Seriously. It's like an IV of goodness and humor from the writing community.

But this has an upside. I'll have my computer, my brain, and microsoft word. In the words of Ron Weasley from A Very Potter Musical, "This can only lead to chaos and hilarity. Let's do it!"



Anyways, since I've nothing clever to say, here are the pictures in the 24 hours leading up to now. Just to show how productive I am.

I know. I'm not packing. I'm writing with a beautiful cup of green tea. We all know it's more important anyways. Besides, I have a whole day to pack.

Check the shirt. Dance Marathon. See, this is my packing process. I try on every piece of clothing to make sure it's worthy of the trip.

I'm Exercising! I'm a BEAST! What? No. I know this isn't packing. But it's only 8pm. Relax.

What? I still have to pack? WHAT? No Internet? Unacceptable.

I'm tired. But I'm blogging. I hope you know all the sacrifices I make for you, blog.

Never fear, my good friends! I'll have my cell phone and my camera. If you really need to call me, call. And when I come back there will be ridiculous picture-filled posts on the amazingness that is Puerto Rico!


  1. How long will you be in Puerto Rico again??? I'll miss your blogs... I like reading them. :]

  2. heheheheheh!

    have fun!

  3. Enjoy Puerto Rico! I'll try to waste enough time on the internet for the both of us.