Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's been a month

And my, have things changed.

This quarter I'm taking two writing classes, as opposed to last quarter, when the most writing I got was procrastinating for papers. My favorite class is Writing 307: Fabulous Fiction (which really means non-realistic fiction). I love everything about it, except maybe the lack of happy happy times between my classmates. I want to be friends with the other writers in this class, something I haven't had since Writing 301.

In 301 I made some amazing friends, friends that I hang out with a lot today. It makes me think of the writing community at large, and how supportive and wonderful it is. Despite the apparent competition, people still help each other with tips, editing, and moral support. I love it.

But I digress. I want to actually write in this blog, but my neglect is becoming intolerable. I'm going to post more often (promise!) with more misadventures, tales from writing 307, the Publishing Job hunt (which I'm about to embark on), and of course, writing stuff. Also, check out my other blog if you want to hear about my crazy dreams (and dreams in general). For my 307 class, we've been asked to keep a dream journal, so I'll definitely be posting there more frequently.

I suppose that's all in the name of updates, but here's a video (creepy, just so you know) that I got from one of my other classes (Psychology of Human Sex. Yes, it's awesome). If the video gets to you, just listen to the song, because it rocks:


  1. I love the writing community, too. It's funny, though, because the writing class I did have, I didn't connect to anyone at all. I wasn't even sure if anyone in the class was taking it seriously or if it was just a recreational elective. SO I can relate to you there :)

  2. Hi!

    I'm glad you're loving your writing class and finding the writing community to be supportive. That rocks :)

    As for the video, I really liked it, and then it got weird/dark, and then I liked it again. The angels were really creepy though. What was the purpose behind the video? I'd love to hear more about it/the class in general.

    P.S. Fabulous Fiction is an AWESOME name for a class. You have to write more about the assignments you get and what you guys discuss in class!