Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here's to Hoping

I have a good reason for not posting in a while, guys.


No, I don't.

BUT, there have been some life plan changes, so let's have a chat. Pull up a chair. Can I offer you some tea? Lovely haircut, by the way.

I stumbled on a new career idea over break, and it took hold of me. So now I'm possessed. Completely. I love it. But this is the middle of the story, so let me start at the beginning.

As a Senior in college, I've been interrogated this year. INTERROGATED. By everyone around me. My parents, grandparents, my friends' parents, my parents' friends, every member of my family I talk to. EVERYONE. Which is to be expected. Not that I like it, but they really do just want to know about what I'm doing, and I appreciate that they care. But.


I didn't know. I had NO IDEA what I was going to do. Sure, I had some awesome desire to sail a ship across the seas, but I didn't get into the training program. I wanted to hang out in New York and try my hand at publishing. But my casual approach to the career is a clear enough indication that it's not for me. Obviously, I want to be a writer, and while I've been writing like a fiend (come this Friday I will have three polished short stories, one of which will be in a contest), it's not something I can support myself with. At least, not yet.

Cut to spring break, the plentiful time of much internet surfing. I stumbled on a travel website, and on that website I stumbled on a blog. A girl from Canada just picked up and left to teach English in Thailand.


She just packed her things, no certificate, no experience (ok, I'm not sure on this one, but let's just assume?), and LOVED IT. Then she went to Istanbul. Then she went to South Korea.

So I researched. Oh lord, did I research. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (or TEFL/TESL, as the insiders call it) is actually growing as a career lately. With an English major, I'm kind of primed for this line of work. And I fell in love with the idea. Unfortunately, I have so many student loans that I'm limited to a precious few countries who see fit to pay a generous amount. South Korea and Thailand (not sure on that second one). But still. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

Too amazing. That's how.

So now I'm changing my resume to reflect my few experiences with teaching, and writing a cover letter to appeal to the good employers of South Korea. Then it's off to Asia, if all goes well. Obviously there are steps I have to take, things I must learn, but holycrapI'msoexcitedIcan'tevenexplainit.

This is perfect.

So if I go, this blog will still happen. But it won't just be about writing any more. It'll be a travel blog as well. So. I hope you guys are up for that. I know I am.

Just a little eye candy:

And a few travel quotes to rev up the excitement!

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  1. I've actually been considering teaching English in South Korea after graduation myself! It's a great experience and you can get rid of so much debt from your loans, since you have very few expenses. Good luck! :)