Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Good news: I'm in the middle of an AMAZING amazing story. Writing it is a blast, and my beta likes it! WOOT!

Bad News: The aforementioned story was my NaNoWriMo novel, and I only made it halfway before the end of November.

Conclusion: NaNo rocks because even though I didn't finish, I'll probably finish the draft in the next month or so, rewrite, revise, have my other lovely betas take a gander, and revise some more! So stoked!

In other news, I just read one of the best books ever! I can't wait to get my hands on the next two in the trilogy.

It's called POISON STUDY by Maria Snyder, and it's so awesome I could barely contain myself while reading it. Actually, I'm pretty sure I got on a few friends' nerves (sorry!). Anyways, the book is about a girl sentenced to death for murder, who is given a choice: Hang until death or taste all the Commander's food to make sure it's not poisoned. Things get complicated, characters fight, and of course, there is a smexy man to liven things up a little. Overall, the book was well written, the characters were great, and the plot wasn't ridiculously predictable. Go read it. NOW!

The last, depressing thing is that Thanksgiving break is over. Thanksgiving break for a student at NU is inevitably the eye of the storm. In anticipation of the end of the quarter, teachers just LOVE to give us too much work, even though we're still all recovering from midterms. So we scramble to finish it, go eat too much food for five days, come back, and suddenly there's a billion things to do before the beautiful yet dramatic escape to winter break.

God I can't wait.

Right now I have to do the following:
1) English 385 Paper (Blech! Politics hidden behind a pretty English label)
2) Philosophy 311 Paper (Eek! Love love LOVE this class, but it's over my head, and even my teacher agrees with me! Trying not to fail)
3) Music 170 Paper (Two of these. One is due tomorrow, and I still have to find sources! The other I have another week or so, so Sunday night I'll work on it...)
4) Music 252 Final (If I study, I'll do alright, I think. This is on Friday. Wish me luck, because this intrepid English major has serious test-taking issues)
5) Music 252 Project (Again, not due till next week, but as I'm leaving Tuesday of finals week, I have to get it in before I leave. It'll probably take me three hours plus Facebook time, which translates into a day)

Am I forgetting anything? No? Ok. Five main things, guys. Six days to do it all. Godspeed.

Listening to: Winter Song
Eating: Pretzels and yogurt, because I'm broke
Thinking: It's too cold, there are too many carols blasting around me, and I wish I could just hang out and write
Craving: A good solid cup of Green Tea
Planning: An all-nighter at the library (because THAT'S a good idea...)

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  1. I can't figure out how to comment on that post, but I love the "So you wanna write a novel?" video! It reminds me of a younger, more idealistic version of myself. I laughed, I cried...